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The preparation steps of a rare fossil ammonite : PELTOCERAS MARYSAE
I recently got this badly prepped ammonite. Since it is a rare and usualy very spiny species , I thought it should be worth to try the preparation of the other side.
Here the different steps of the prep work.
1st step : removing the stone around for looking if the spines are preserved.
2nd step : beginning the preparation of the spines.
3rd step : under magnifying , the matrix is removed from spines.
Since this was my first prep with this kind of ammonite and matrix I have used 3 hours for the 3 first steps. All the work was done under binocular loupe.
fossil preparation , fossil for sale
Few hours later the spines are all free of matrix and the preparation of the inner whorls can now begin.
Step 4 : the preparation of the inner whorls with microscope.
Step 5 : the matrix is cut for standing.
Step 6 : final airblasting for removing the little part of matrix visible as white points.
fossil for sale , peltoceras
Step 7 : application of a colorless protective coating for stone.
And a few close-ups of the finished ammonite:
fossil for sale , Peltoceras , lithologia ammonite for sale , peltoceras marysae rare ammonite
Finally it was worth to spent some time onto this fossil .The ammonite is now ready for being sold into our shop.
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